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Aqua Kent RO Malaysia welcomes you to our “House of Purity!” emporium of Quality Hot & Cold Water Dispensers, Water purifiers, Outdoor & Indoor Water Filters, Water coolers, Air Purifiers, Vegetable Food Purifiers and quality after sales service.Feel free to navigate through our website, join our social media sites and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with latest products, product offers, local water quality news and more.


Aqua Kent RO Malaysia has the longest proven track record for best products and services in the water industry market . In fact, we provide the best water filter treatment advice and installation you might need. We are the tried, tested and top-of-our-game favorites in Malaysia and no-one is better placed to provide the correct solution for your needs.Our customers includes Residentials, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Clinics, Restaurants, Coffee Outlets, Health Spas And More.


50 Grd Floor Medan Idaman Business Centre Jalan Jernai, 53100 Kuala Lumpur