3 things to consider before switching to LED

3 things to consider before switching to LED Picture

1. Costs

In term of installation or the lights itself, LEDs are more expensive compare to energy saving or normal light bulbs, the cost can be 3 to 4 times different. But the average of LED bulbs can last up to 60,000 hours compare to energy saving bulbs is about 15,000 hours so the duration also 3 to 4 time longer.

LED bulbs are less power consumption, you can save on your monthly bills if you use to switch on the lights more than 8 hours a day but if you use less than that, you might not see the different. You need to do some calculation on your usage to make sure the price is justify with your monthly bills before you go for LED.

2. Maintenance

LED bulbs usually never burn out like fluorescent tubes or normal light bulbs, it will grow dimmer day by day, so replacing the bulbs definitely lesser or never.

LED bulbs required a driver to run, some come with built-in driver and some have separated driver from the LED lights itself. Most of the time is the driver causing the LED lights not working instead of the bulb. If you have the choice, better go for the one with the separate driver so that you can just change the driver instead of the whole LED lights.

3. Brightness

The brightness of LED lights definitely better than other lights and the white is very pure. While for energy saving light bulbs, the brightness are almost similar to normal bulbs or maybe slightly better.

If you have used any energy saving bulb before you sure notice that it required some warm up time for the full brightness to come, usually 3 to 5 seconds. But for LED bulbs, there isn’t any warm up time. When you turn it on the full brightness will come at the same time.

Some manufactories claim that their 16W LED bulbs was as bright as a 150W of halogen bulbs.

Other then brightness, LED bulbs also generate lesser heat