Tips of moving house

Tips of moving house Picture Moving house is one of the complicate and stressful tasks, no matter you are moving within 1KM or 1000KM away. And many people do it without any plan and thought it is easy task but end up having bad experience. The cost of bad experience will not be cheap, compare to hiring professional movers. For example, like broken furniture, spine neck or it might take longer time as you think.

To avoid any bad experience happen, you have to plan and organize the whole process of moving house; no matter you are moving by yourself or hiring professional movers. We always recommend you hire professional movers because they have the skill to carry heavy items.

The date and time of move out and move in must be clear and confirm. If you are moving nearby like within 30KM, you might want to move 2 to 5 days in advance so that you have time to come back to double check any other missing items you have not take or forget. But if you are moving 300KM away, you might not want to come back for double checking then you have to be more careful and make sure no items left behind before you lock the door. The most common items people use to forget are like wall clock, phone charger, curtain or etc.

Use a pan and paper to list down number of items to be move and if you have unwanted items need to sell or donate, must make sure those items are accepted by organizations or movers.

All items must be categorizes and labels before moving. You can group it like big items, small items or fragile items. You also need to labels it where to put in the new place for example, like kitchen, master room, bedroom1, bedroom2 or living room.

Big items like sofa, dining table, mattress, TV, fridge, washing machine and etc should be wraps before move to avoid scratched.

Small items like laptops, oven, rice cooker, dishes and etc should be pack into boxes. If you still keep the original boxes, you can reuse it, else you have to wrap each item and pack it into common boxes. If you don’t have enough boxes, you can purchase those boxes from mover companies. They have a range of sizes like 16, 18 or 24 inches.

After all the items are in boxes or wrapped, you can tape it nicely to make sure it will not open when carrying, especial bottom of the boxes.

Label those boxes with “FRAGILE” for those boxes contain dishes, laptop or etc.

For clothes, curtains, bed sheets or etc can put into luggage.

You also have to give clear instruction to movers, like those boxes label with “KITCHEN”, “MASTER ROOM” or “BEDROOM1” have to put at the specific location of the new house so that you can easily unpack. And take extra careful for those boxes label with “FRAGILE”.

For sure in our life will have to move at least 1 time so make sure you move happily and move safely. Enjoy your moving and enjoy your new place.