How to choose an autogate for your house?

How to choose an autogate for your house? Picture What is the difference between slide and swing autogate? Which is more suitable to you?

Autogate become more and more popular in Malaysia, in term of cost and securities. It become more affordable, practical and convenient for homes and industries. Many people find autogate are essential for homes. But always have pros and cons, choosing the suitable autogate is important. In the market, there are many types of autogates but the most common are slide autogate and swing autogate.

Most of the autogates come with 1 or 2 control panels, installed at first floor and second floor, 1 backup battery in case of power failure it still can operate. For remote control, it have 2 channel with is the basic open and close the gates or up to 5 channel with can control home alarm system. Usually come with 2 to 4 remote controls in the autogate package.

Slide Autogate

Slide autogate are more solid and last longer compare to swing autogate. It's more suitable for corner terrace, semi-detached (Semi-D), bungalow and light industries because it's required wide area to operate on the side and it will not take up any space on your driveways when opening.

Slide autogate are more difficult to install and more costly. It's required a track/rail to install on the driveways for the gate to mount on it to operate and the gate is different from those ordinary gates; the gate has to be customized.

For maintenance, the track/rail on the driveways must always maintain clean to make sure the gate slide smoothly. The advantage of slide autogate are the motor can load up to few hundreds kilogram gate and support super heavy duty.

Swing Autogate

Swing autogate are more easy to maintenance compare to slide autogate. It's more suitable for intermediate terrace house because it's operate perfectly for small area and limited side area required. But it's required some space on the driveways when opening.

The advantage of swing autogate are easy installation and no track/rail required. The arms can be install on the existing gates or new gates.

Usually swing autogate are more economy compare to slide autogate.