Have you upgraded to 3-phase power already?

Have you upgraded to 3-phase power already? Picture How many air conditioners you have installed? How many water heaters you have installed? When was the last power trip happened in your house? Do you know what was the reasoned or caused of the power trip?

Single phase power used to have power trip from time to time. If your house have 3 air conditioners or 2 water heaters or household electricity load exceeds 10kW or 50A.

Most of the houses come with 3-phase wiring, unless your house was builded on 20th century or before. But again, this also depend on the developers. If your house is single phase power, you are advised to upgrade to 3-phase. Once you have upgraded to 3-phase power, most properly you will not encounter power trip.

Single-phase vs 3-phase

3-phase power use to be more stabilities and reliabilities compare to single phase power. 3-phase are supply through 4 wires (R, Y, B + N (Neutral)) on 415 volts and single phase only supply up to 230 volts throughout 2 wires. 3-phase definitely better and not to worry about heavy load electronic appliances for long hours.

How about 3-phase monthly electric bill?

Not to worry that 3-phase power will cost more or consume more on your monthly electric bill. Single phase or 3-phase power will not bring any difference on your monthly electric bill. Your monthly electric bill is charge based on the usage of electricity. The usage will remain the same after you have upgraded to 3-phase, as long as your lifestyle no change.

Of course, one time cost are applicable during upgrading. Like, hire a certified electrician, change 3-phase DB Box, meter panel, cutout fuse or add additional cable from sub station to your house if those are not already there.

Do I need to rewire whole house?

Upgrade from single phase to 3-phase no need to rewire your whole house. Just have to reassign your circuit wiring and balance the load will do.